Announcing The PRiNK Artist Series. December 2013 Features Mundo

This month's featured artist Edmund Holmes  “Mundo.” 

“Absent Minded”

Please allow me to introduce myself; I am Edmund Holmes, but call me Mundo! I love to draw, I will always draw!

Born and raised in Detroit, MI I have always been passionate about sport, dance, music, graffiti and cartoons. I am constantly inspired by elements from all of these genres and it is reflected in my work.

Like most children I honed my drawing skills with Crayola crayons, however, all too often it was in class. You can imagine the amount of trouble I would get in because teachers assumed I wasn’t paying attention.  What they didn’t know was I never stopped paying attention, it was just done in a different way.  Because of my resistance to changing my “bad habit”, I was tagged as the absent minded kid. 

All they had to do was ask and I would have told them, “I draw for comfort, I draw for focus, I draw for fun.”  Outside of my immediate family members the subjects of my drawings served as my support system.

Everyone thought being “absent minded” was a bad thing. I do not believe that’s the case; being “absent minded” has opened up a multitude of doors for me and has allowed me to live my dreams one sketch at a time.

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