January's Featured Artist, Risa Beck

Our first featured artist of 2014 is Risa Beck. 


I have always satisfied my restlessness through art.  As a kid, I spent most of my time drawing coloring books for my little sister, dreaming about designing clothes and sketching pictures of my dog.  As a student, these drawings peppered the margins of my notes, and took over papers and tests (teachers either chose to dock points for them or write polite notes about paying attention in class). 

Today, I work as an industrial designer and artist in Portland, OR.  My work is inspired by fashion, nature, dreams and especially music.  

Follow me on Instagram: @Tirito_be; or visit my website and store: http://Risabeck.com

For custom art requests and inquiries, please e-mail me at: Risagyunbeck@gmail.com


Check out her Collection here!