July, August Featured Artist: Nick Walker

We're proud to announce our newest collaboration for a cause! We have partnered with Good Neighbors and artist Nick Walker to bring you beautiful art with a purpose.

Nick Walker is one of the world’s best known street artists and a major figure in the contemporary art world. As a forerunner of the British graffiti phenomenon, Nick’s work has become a blueprint for hundreds of emerging artists. His work is constantly evolving and remains innovative, modern and thought-provoking, and extends the technical, thematic, and aesthetic boundaries of street art.
Nick's artistic influence has also left its mark on the film and music industry. He was selected by the late Stanley Kubrick to work on his last film, Eyes Wide Shut, where he created the visually stunning artwork of the streets of New York on the film's outdoor sets. Nick's iconic "Vandal" character was also featured in the Black Eyed Peas' music video "I Gotta Feeling," which has been seen by over 160 million viewers on YouTube alone. 
In addition to commissioned pieces in galleries and hotels worldwide, Nick's significance also extends to international architecture projects. Nick was one of two artists selected to carry out a visionary and contemporary architectural development project in Mallorca in conjunction with WideWalls and Casa Son Vida and was featured in over 40 international publications, including ones in China, Russia, Mexico, Italy, Greece and Lebanon.
In 2013, Royal Doulton, the legendary British fine china brand, commissioned Nick to create art for a dinnerware series. The limited edition series sold out almost immediately and this collaboration was Royal Doulton's first step in establishing its brand in a more modern form with its Street Art collection.
To see more of Nick Walker, visit www.theartofnickwalker.com or www.instagram.com/apishangel