PRiNK Tech Marks One-Year Anniversary with Celebratory Tree Planting

 Prink Technologies commemorates its first year of business by funding the planting of more than 2,000 trees in Oregon



PORTLAND, Ore. PRiNK Technologies (PRiNK), a Portland-based startup that manufactures digital device cases and similar lifestyle products, will celebrate its one-year anniversary by joining local nonprofit Friends of Trees for a planting event in Beaverton on Saturday, Feb. 2 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.


PRiNK staff will join Friends of Trees, an organization that plants and cares for city trees and green spaces in the Portland-Vancouver and Eugene-Springfield areas, the City of Beaverton and Clean Water Services to plant approximately 1,200trees in the riparian corridor of the Tualatin River Watershed. 


“PRiNK drew from Oregon’s landscape and scenery as its initial inspiration, so it’s more than fitting to celebrate our one-year anniversary helping to keep Oregon green,” said PRiNK founder and owner Garrett Staples. “This event marks a huge milestone for our company, and as we continue to grow, so will our efforts to positively contribute to our community.”


As part of PRiNK’s  “Prink the Forest” initiative, the company donates proceeds from every wood or bamboo product it sells to Friends of Trees. Since PRiNK’s inception, it has helped plant more than 2,000 trees in Oregon.


“Friends of Trees loves to connect with new members of our communities – from homeowners planting trees on their property to volunteers engaging with their neighbors, to new green companies helping to make Portland a more sustainable city,” said Friends of Trees Executive Director Scott Fogarty.


Since its start in a garage in Portland, Ore., in January 2012, PRiNK has seen monthly sales increase twentyfold. The company has outgrown three spaces, and now resides in a large workshop and office space in Northeast Portland. The company’s projections indicate rapid growth continuing into 2013 with the procurement of new global partnerships and the introduction of new merchandise to its collection, including a line of sunglasses slated to launch this spring.


To participate in the tree planting on Feb. 2, or to learn more about volunteering for Friends of Trees, please visit the organization’s website.


About Prink Technologies

PRiNK Technologies was founded in a small garage in Oregon, where the surrounding landscape was the inspiration for the company’s beginnings. PRiNK manufactures and sells digital device cases and lifestyle products, using a combination of responsibly sourced and U.S.-made materials, including wood and bamboo. PRiNK also works with small businesses and large corporations to provide a range of custom products. As a company, PRiNK believes that it’s important to give back to the communities it serves. Through its Pay it Forward program, PRiNK partners with nonprofits and good causes, donating a portion of its proceeds to support important initiatives, including forest restoration projects and social services.