March PubTalk: Speed Pitch Riot!

Next week, Pub-Talk will host the always popular Speed Pitch Riot Competition. Watch and participate as new startups, including PrinkTech pitch their business plans in 3 minutes or less. The winner, as determined by the audience and a panel of judges, will receive entry in to the concept-stage competition of the Willamette Angel Conference in Corvallis on May 9th. 


Companies set to include:

This month's Entrepreneurial Spotlight will shine on Dan Mayhew, CEO of VizMe. Last month, VizMe was chosen to take part in Mozilla's WebFWD Accelerator. Dan will share some of his experiences in the program thus far.


The goal of Pub-Talk is to deliver support and inspiration to entrepreneurs through education and networking. Hope to see you there!  

  • Thursday, March 14th
  • 5 - 7:30 PM
  • Jazz Room, Oregon Electric Station
  • Competition will be followed by networking
  • Seating will be limited
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