Can a Prink Technologies case be removed?

Yes. A Prink Technologies case can be removed without damaging your device; however, removal can destroy the case material (e.g., wood, metal, etc.). After taking off your case, use an adhesive remover, such as Goo GoneĀ®, to eliminate remaining residue.

How can I remove my Prink Technologies case?

The easiest way to remove a Prink Technologies case is to slide a thin object like a plastic knife or spatula under a case's side or corner and peel outward. For wood cases, peel the case opposite the direction of the grain. CAUTION: HARD AND/OR SHARP OBJECTS CAN CAUSE DAMAGE TO YOUR PHONE.

How do Prink Technologies cases secure to my device?

We use the highest quality adhesive to secure Prink Technologies cases to your devices. We aim to celebrate the natural beauty of your tech device while adding a dimension of uniqueness and protection.

Will Prink Technologies cases damage my device?

No, Prink Technologies will not damage or devalue your device. Prink Technologies cases can be placed and removed without any damage to your device . If sticky residue remains, simply use a removal agent.

Can I return my case?

We allow returns of unused and undamaged Prink Technologies products up to 30 days from the date of purchase. Sorry, we do not accept returns or exchanges for custom work.

Does Prink Technologies produce custom cases?

Yes, Prink Technologies produces custom work. Please visit the Custom Products page for additional information and photos. To request an estimate, email Business@PrinkTech.com.

Does a Prink Technologies case protect my device?

Yes, Prink Technologies cases protect your devices. If your device is dropped or damaged, the case will take the brunt of the impact, leaving your device protected.

How long should my Prink Technologies case last?

The durability and longevity of a Prink Technologies case depends on how much strain it's put under. Under normal conditions, a Prink Technologies case can improve the lifespan of your phone. And, as your case starts to get grimy, you can refinish it to restore its original appearance.

Is there an easy way to refinish a Prink Technologies case?

Yes, you can easily refinish a Prink Technologies case. Your case will naturally get darker from normal wear and tear. If you scratch your case or just want to freshen it up, rub the damaged or dirty area gently with fine sandpaper.

What if I don't like the wood grain pattern on my Prink Technologies wood case?

Like fingerprints, wood grains are unique, and each Prink Technologies wood case is one of a kind. However, when you order a Prink Technologies wood case, you have the opportunity to add your preferences for wood grain and style. We do our best to match your preferences with a wood grain that's perfect for you and your case.

Will Prink Technologies wood products splinter?

As a natural wood product, splintering may occur, especially when the case is new. Splintering is rare, and as the case ages and becomes smoother, the chances for splintering decrease.