PRiNK Sponsored Event

Recently PRiNK had the opportunity to sponsor swag bags for the launch of Compelled Boutique, a Chicago based online boutique. Here's one bloggers experience:

Compelled Online Fashion Boutique’s Launch Party  completely blew me away! The pop-up shop was definitely one to be bragged about.

Walking into The House of Peter Maxfield, Angela Watts, President of AW Media Group, greeted me at the door with the warmest welcome: a hug!  A hug wasn’t the welcome I was expecting but, HEY, an embrace from a beautiful, successful woman is always nice way to kick a night off. From that point on I knew I was in the right place because after the first steps into the venue I simply could not keep my eyes off the racks. I mean fashionable, sexy vintage clothes were everywhere! I, myself, could not keep my eyes off of the “HOBO Denim Jacket”! OMG!!! Thoroughly impressed, I felt obligated to mix and mingle to get more information.


Everyone I asked had a different reason for being there, whether hearing about the pop-up shop by chance or had RSVPed because they heard of it by alternative means they all loved the style. Everyone agreed, Compelled’s items were impressing, inspirational and a great addition to any wardrobe (AND I MEAN ANY).  


Mixed drinks sponsored by Hennessy and sweets were served, even that was A1 (unlike many events I’ve been to), and the DJ took care of the rest. Conversation was easy, especially when you’re negotiating with a stranger who should try on the “Sequins Dark Floral Blazer” first, and as a parting gift, the ladies of AW Media Group gave out giftbags for everyone who attended, containing: Cards, T-Shirts, a Compelled I-Phone case, incenses, and much more.

Overall, Compelled and their fashion is something to definitely fall in love with. Everyone is trying to go “vintage” these days but this online boutique sets the standard, by far.

I had a wonderful time THANK YOU AW Media Group & Compelled you did a wonderful job!

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