About Us


Prink Technologies™ (Prink™) was founded in a small garage in Oregon in 2011, where the surrounding landscape was the inspiration for the company’s beginnings. Prink™ creates products that pay homage to its Oregon roots by using materials that are natural, stylish and unique. Its lifestyle products and accessories for digital devices use a combination of responsibly sourced and American-made materials, including wood and bamboo. 

At Prink™, detail is key. By merging raw form and function with the elegance of new technology, Prink™ uses the beauty of our natural surroundings to complement the sleek design of modern digital devices. Its lifestyle products strike a similar balance between simplicity and beauty, with each new line offering innovative and stylish ways to mesh nature with our individual environments.

Equally important to PRiNK™ is corporate responsibility. Through its sustainable practices and good works programs, Prink™ takes great strides to make a positive impact on its community and the world at large.

Prink™ is also a member of the Fair Labor Association and sources the majority of its wood through distributors certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

We want our customers to love our product and feel good about their purchase in the process.