Can I return my Prink Technologies™ case?

 We accept returns of unused and undamaged products up to 14 days from the date of purchase. However, we do not accept returns or exchanges for custom work.

Does Prink™ produce custom cases?

Yes, Prink™ produces custom work for a range of different products. Please visit the Custom Products page for additional information and to view samples of our past work. To request an estimate for a custom order, please email us at Sales@PrinkTech.com.

Will a Prink™ case protect my device?

Yes, Prink Technologies cases add an extra layer of protection to your device. If your device is dropped or damaged, the case will take the brunt of the impact and leave your device undamaged.

How long should my Prink™ case last?

The durability and longevity of a Prink™ case depends upon the amount of strain it endures. Under normal conditions, a Prink Technologies case can easily improve the lifespan of your digital device. And as your case collects dirt or grime, you can also refinish the wood or bamboo to restore its original appearance.

What if I don't like the wood grain pattern on my Prink™ wood case?

Like fingerprints, wood grains are unique, and each Prink™ wood case is one of a kind. However, when you order a Prink™ wood case from our online store, you can also share your preferences for wood grain and style. 

Will Prink™ wood products splinter?

As a natural wood product, minor splintering may occur, especially when the case is new. Splintering is rare, however, and as the case ages and naturally becomes smoother, the chances for splintering decrease significantly.